La Grande Famille

La Grande Famille has been a part of the Moulin Roty story since 1997 with the arrival of a character that quickly became the emblem of the range: Nini the mouse, originally known as Mimi.

From that time on the family has continued to grow and today offers a flock of furry friends in the form of soft dolls, each fully dressed and available in three sizes; parents, Li’l Brothers and Little Ones.

The collection grew with the addition of comforters for the little ones, puppets for older children and, more recently, a range of cardboard early learning toys and themed carry cases.

All the games, lotto, stack up cubes, dominoes, associate illustrations with texts in English, enabling the child to learn whatever their age and to play with different levels of difficulty.

September 2013 saw The Grand Family move into new surroundings. The illustrator Camille Jourdy has totally redesigned their world with delightful children’s book illustrations. Each character, surrounded by everyday items, tells their own story, the different times of the day, the rhythm of the seasons, the time that passes and the ties of friendship between them… The drawings are delicate and full of detail, the colours soft and melting, a soft and gentle world full of poetry…