Les Pachats

Launched in 2011, Les Pachats is a collection for both boys and girls that regroups a gang of cuddly, mischievous tomcats. Deceptively well-behaved, the three toms squat in a cosy, elegant apartment and spend their time snatching the odd fish, bird or mouse to take as their pets.

A chic, refined, couture collection that is focused on decoration. Many items in the range come with an illustrated, stylish gift box, that gives the collection its specific character.

A harmony of pastel colours, that are luminous and very now. Subtle pastel tints of cream, turquoise, and mauve, highlighted with a touch of acid green.

The variety of fabrics and textures used make for a rich collection. The soft velour is associated with :
– extremely soft two-tone furs that shine
– herringbone-patterned knit
– two types of poplin: flowery and patterned
– polka dot and striped jersey
– striped brushed cotton.

The success of the range has seen the Pachats oriented towards textile activity toys, bedding items and decorative items for baby’s bedrooms. The collection is continually being extended and maintains a refined, mellow, cocooning style.