Les Coquettes

Five mischievous yet stylish dolls and three baby-dolls, to dress, to take out, to cuddle …

Created in 2009, the “Les Coquettes” collection of soft and cuddly dolls has increased this year to welcome a third baby-doll, a sweet little ragdoll in sugary colours, with chubby, pink cheeks and the very coquette doll Marinette with her wardrobe-case.

The dolls are all dressed with true French chic: stockings, leg warmers, elasticated knickers, tulle skirt, flounced dress in printed cotton, ribbons knotted in their hair and velvet strap shoes. Round faced and pink cheeked. So sweet and so stylish, little girls will love them for playing and also as a decoration in their room.
Each one comes in a canvas bag marked with her name and an illustrated label.

To create a whole world for the dolls the collection also includes: house, high chair, pram, pushchair, bed on wheels, carry-cot and new for this year a scooter, a stylish bed and a cooker. All made in painted wood with an old-fashioned feel and soft colours (powder pink and rosewood).