Les Popipop

A colourful collection for both boys and girls, including seven characters that live in an urban environment, around a square.

Graphic association of primary colours. A mixture of materials and texture.

The colours :
– royal blue
– electric blue
– british racing green
– buttercup yellow
– vermillion red

The materials :
– velour
– corduroy
– herringbone patterned knit
– fleece
– polka dot cotton and chessboard check poplin
– jersey
– fur
– felt.

A dynamic, perky collection oriented towards wooden and cardboard toys, and everyday objects that children can connect to.

Yellow, red, blue, green, these are the colours of their world … 1, 2, 3 pop, 4, 5, 6, popi, 7 popipop jump on the bus for a ride around the square. Round and round and around the square … making up stories as they go.